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Can you get real results with a virtual health coach?
August 15, 2022 at 9:30 PM
Image of a person doing a vinyasa, feeling their best because they worked with a virtual health coach.

Getting healthy looks a lot different than it did five or ten years ago. You don't have to grind through hours of cardio and restrictive crash diets on your own and wonder why you don't see results. Now, there are fitness accounts on social media, online diet programs, and a non-stop flow of digital advice regarding getting healthy.

Just because there are more resources, it doesn't mean they're high quality. Rather than spending hours sorting through the wealth of information available, you can work with a virtual health coach. They provide all the convenience of digital resources while being a credible source of support and guidance. Here's how you can get real, lasting results from a virtual health coach.

Custom support and one-on-one meetings

The best fitness and diet plan is the one that you stick with for the rest of your life. While your friends and family may hit the gym four times a week and avoid carbs at every meal, if that isn't sustainable for you, it's not ideal for your health. At Step by Step Wellness, we meet with clients via:

  • Unlimited email access
  • Once a week, phone calls to chat and check-in
  • Once a month, video calls to review success and confront challenges

A virtual health coach helps you to figure out what works for you as an individual, unrelated to fad diets, or what helped your best friend lose weight. You also get support with every challenge you face during one-on-one meetings, so instead of figuring things out alone, you have someone by your side to help.

Personalized tools for lifestyle changes

One of the biggest setbacks for weight loss and wellness is thinking in terms of diets and restrictions. Actual results come from making sustainable changes in the way you think about your health. When you make change for a lifetime, your results last forever.

A virtual health coach personalizes your wellness strategy to provide tools that will enable lasting change in how you think about food and health.

Weekly shopping lists and recipes

Searching for healthy recipes that meet your nutritional needs can quickly become a chore, even if you love cooking. A virtual health coach provides you with weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.

Take the guesswork out of cooking and leave the meal planning to professionals. Paired with weekly check-in phone calls and unlimited email access, you can let your coach know what meals have you feeling your best versus those that fall short.

Start with a clean slate with a kitchen clean-out

One of the reasons you get results from a virtual health coach is that you have a point of accountability, even if they're not in the room with you. You can go further to set yourself up for success by starting from a clean slate with a kitchen cupboard clean-out.

A virtual coach will go through your cupboards with you (virtually) to identify the foods that aren't working for your health journey while identifying your current meal habits. You get support and guidance about avoiding unhealthy snacks and treats without automatically throwing away your favorite foods.

Healthy Trendy Brunch

Schedule a consultation with Step by Step Wellness to learn how a virtual health coach can provide real results.

Our process is in our name; we walk clients step by step towards wellness, helping them overcome their current challenges and move towards holistic health. Our health coach, Shri O. Noel, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine physician who previously practiced at a leading academic medical center. A traditional medical practice didn't enable her to dive deeply into patient concerns, which is when she launched Step by Step Wellness. We commit to being by our clients' sides to provide unparalleled insight into their health and help them achieve actual results.

Contact Shri O. Noel, MD, with Step by Step Wellness, to work with a virtual health coach.