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Why your weight loss coach recommends meal planning
March 11, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Why your weight loss coach recommends meal planning

There’s a lot of work that goes into losing weight. If you’re looking to lose a significant amount of weight, it’s going to take a concerted effort in several parts of your life. One of these areas will be a strong focus on what you eat.

Working with a weight loss coach is an excellent way to ensure that you’re eating foods that will help you to lose weight. At Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss, we can help you build a diet plan and stick to it with meal planning. If you’re not sure meal planning is right for you, read more below to find out how meal planning can help you meet your weight loss goals more efficiently.

Saves time

Trying to figure out what to cook for dinner at night or pack for lunch each day can take up a lot of time and energy. We all have busy schedules, and sometimes digging through the fridge or pantry to find food items for a meal can feel overwhelming and often leads to picking up fast food rather than eating at home. Meal planning will go a long way toward saving you time with your meals, so you have the time and energy to make your meals at home.

Saves money

Grocery shopping when you’re hungry is a great way to buy foods that aren’t healthy or appetizing in a few days. Meal planning before grocery shopping will help you buy what you need for your meals over the next week or two without buying excess items that either aren’t healthy or you won’t want. You’ll save a considerable amount of money by sticking to healthy foods that fit your plan and not buying foods and treats that you don’t need.

Teaches portion control

Sometimes the problem we have with eating is not as much what we eat as how much of it. You can have a healthy meal that includes chicken, rice, and vegetables, but putting too much on your plate can be counterproductive to your weight loss efforts. Meal planning and prepping is a great way to take the time you need to portion your meals to the appropriate size, so you’re not overeating every meal.

No food waste

Leftovers can be fine when you’re cooking. In fact, it’s great to have leftovers because you can save time for your next meal, and you don’t have to throw anything out. However, sometimes there aren’t enough leftovers to eat the next, but there’s still too much to finish tonight. These typically get thrown out with the trash. You can avoid food waste by meal planning each week. It’ll make it easier for you to cook the right amount of food for you and the other people in your home without having to throw out extras at the end of the meal.

More variety

It’s normal to get caught in a rut when you’re trying to make healthier eating choices. You might find a meal that you like and stick with a few variations of it for several weeks. Although, it’s important to remember that there are many healthy dishes you can cook yourself besides the same old thing you’ve been eating every night. Meal planning is an easier way to ensure you’re building variety into your diet, so you don’t get tired of one dish and stray to unhealthy options.

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