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What results can you expect from a 6-month weight-loss program?
August 12, 2022 at 7:00 AM
What results can you expect from a 6-month weight-loss program?

Whether you’re looking for them or not, it’s become commonplace to see ads for wellness coaches and diet gurus on social media. Many have good intentions of helping you reach your health and fitness goals, while others are out to make a quick buck by promising outrageous results. At Step by Step Wellness & Weight Loss, I’m here to help you set and obtain realistic goals as part of your six-month weight-loss program.

One of the most important things to remember about a weight-loss program is that it’s not meant to be easy. You’ll have to break through personal barriers and grow, which is why I’m here to help. Before we get started, let’s look at a few results you can plan on seeing with a proper six-month weight-loss program.

Improved relationship with food

A bad relationship with food isn’t the reason everyone gains weight. However, it’s one of the most common. Sometimes we turn to food to help cope with stress, deal with a bad day, or we simply struggle with portion control. What’s more, these problems can compound on themselves when we decide it’s time to make a change. Someone trying to change their diet might get upset at themselves for taking an extra cookie or a large piece of cake when they told themselves they wouldn’t. Remember that everybody breaks their diet at some point. It’s no use beating yourself up over it.

A weight-loss program can help you to learn how to improve your relationship with food by breaking routines like going to the carton of ice cream when you’re stressed out, waiting for a few minutes before going back for another helping of dinner, or taking it easy on yourself when you’ve eaten more than you wanted. Will someday be easier than others? Of course, they will be. The key is to learn how to manage the difficult days.

Healthier overall habits

Stress eating, not drinking enough water, and eating unhealthy foods are often habits that lead to significant weight gain. You can change these habits by working hard over the course of a six-week program. It’s not easy to go from drinking a few sodas a day then immediately switching to drinking a gallon of water every day. Water is bland and soda is a feel-good treat for some. A six-month weight-loss program affords you time to slowly ween yourself off your other drinks and add water to your daily habits. Not only does this work with water, but it can also work with other foods. Your program gives you a chance to slowly eliminate unhealthy foods and replace them with healthy proteins and fats.

Significant weight loss

Six months is a significant amount of time to try to lose weight. Yes, some weight-loss programs will promise to help you lose five pounds a week for fast results. However, it’s ideal in most cases to limit weight loss to one or two pounds a week. Keeping this pace for six months can easily lead to 40 pounds of weight over six months. Your body will feel much better and your health will improve greatly.

Improved mental health

Your self-esteem is a large part of your mental health. Being overweight can be a major burden for anyone because you’re not usually able to move like you once were and you feel often feel sluggish. Feeling better physically will help to improve your mental health because you feel better and you’re more confident in your body’s ability to do everyday activities.

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